Top Rated Local® Leather


Below is our grading criteria for our deer and elk leather. It is important to remember that all the leather we sell is from wild animals. They don’t die from heart attacks or cancer! Almost all leather will have at least one bullet wound present. We will find leather that suits your needs!

Grade 1:

This is excellent quality general use. May have one or two isolated holes in the center. A few scattered minor scars may be present.

Grade 2:

Good quality leather for general purpose use. Some minor color inconsistency or small spots of grain loss may be present. Several small holes and/or scars are likely present in the center area.

Grade 3:

Color inconsistencies present. Likely to have some grain loss. Holes present in the center area. This leather may be of great interest to those utilizing the suede side of the skin.

Craft Grade:

Hide will show grain peel, damage, uneven color, etc., and are only suited for small craft items, i.e. bracelets, key chains, trinkets, etc..