Typically, leather is graded in order to give customers a good idea of the quality of leather they are purchasing. The standard grading of leather consists of full-grain, top-grain, and split-grain leather, bonded leather, and genuine leather, which usually refers to the quality of the hide.

Here at American Elk & Deer Leather, we have a different system of grading due to the fact we only use hides from wild animals sourced here in the United States. Thus, oftentimes, these are from animals that have been shot legally by hunters during the appropriate hunting season. Our grades of leather are a bit different. However, you can rest assured that the leather you are receiving when you partner with us is top-notch and extremely tough, resilient, durable, and, above all else, beautiful and functional.

Below, we'll explain our grade of leather that we offer so that when you are shopping, you'll know exactly what you'll get.

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Grade One.png

Grade One Leather

Grade One leather is our highest grade of leather available. This leather will only have one or two holes with a few scars. Similar to full-grain leather, you can expect this leather product to be long-lasting, durable, strong, and gorgeous.

Grade Two.png

Grade Two Leather

Our Grade Two leather is right below our Grade One leather. Here, you can expect some color inconsistencies and some grain losses. There will also be a few small holes and scars near the center. You can expect this type of leather to be similar to top-grain leather products you'd purchase elsewhere.

Grade Three.png

Grade Three Leather

Grade Three leather here at American Elk & Deer is designed for those looking for the suede side of the hide. This is because the grain side will exhibit losses and holes in the center. You can compare this level of leather to genuine leather products.

Craft Grade.png

Craft Grade Leather

Craft grade is our lowest quality of leather available and can be compared to bonded leather. When it comes to low-quality leather, smaller items are usually recommended, such as wallets and bracelets. You can expect grain peel, a bit of damage, and uneven coloring with this type of leather.

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