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A proud purveyor of deer, elk, and bison, American Elk and Deer has worked to build relationships of trust with both suppliers of raw animal hides and tanners of blued leather in order to create the best possible pieces available at a fair price. Founded in 2011 as a need to help keep the legacy and beauty of leather alive, John Sollo has spent most of his life in the world of animals and his passion has bled into those who have mentored and worked for him. In thanks to those relationships, ideas swirled and American Elk and Deer Leather now sells various quantities of cow and yak and are pleased to also offer services as a mediator between the buying and selling of raw and blued hides both in the United States and internationally. With this new foundation, we have now moved past our standard color supply and have begun exploring new ideas in how leather can look and feel. Call or contact us below.

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Proudly Harvested & Tanned in the U.S.A.

Leather is still one of the most sought after and longest lasting materials used today. It predates all other fabrics and with the proper level of care, will have an indefinite shelf life.



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"This was my first experience with elk leather and the leather that I received is absolutely beautiful. The color and texture make it almost a shame to cut it! Your quality goods and great service will keep me coming back. Thanks!" - John Z.

"Great leather and great price, Fast shipping!" -Robert S.

"Your company is great. Fast service and quality product." - John C.

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